OOMU: Elevate Your Senses, Responsibly

Nestled in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York in the town of Victor, OOMU embodies purity, sustainability, and artisanal excellence. In a fast-paced world, OOMU offers a tranquil pause – a moment to indulge responsibly. Each candle, soap, or personal care product has been meticulously hand-crafted in small batches. Our products reflect our dedication to the finest ingredients and a deep respect for our environment.

It all started with our candles. Our soy-coconut wax blend, sourced from American fields, harmonizes indulgence with environmental mindfulness. OOMU's unique scents capture the essence of the Finger Lakes region – from the vineyards of our wine country to the refreshing embrace of evergreen pines. With a focus on clean, American-made fragrance oils, each OOMU candle is a guardian of both luxury and well-being.

At OOMU, we believe in giving back. A portion of our profits is dedicated to supporting children, animal welfare, and the brave firefighters who protect our communities. Your choice of an OOMU candle becomes a small, yet significant act of kindness.

Our products echo the elegance of nature and invite you to a lifestyle valuing quality, ethics, and aesthetic refinement. OOMU isn't just about creating the best products; it's a commitment to living consciously and making choices that resonate both at home and throughout the world.

Choose OOMU for an experience rooted in quality, ethical practices, safety, and a dedication to spreading hope. Each limited-edition product, crafted with care, reflects these unwavering values. Join us on this journey of tranquility and responsibility. Let OOMU be a symbol of conscious luxury that illuminates both your home and the world around you.

Our Commitment: Crafting American-Made Products with a Conscience

American-Made, Through and Through: Each OOMU product proudly represents American craftsmanship. Hand-crafted in the Finger Lakes region, our products embody the dedication of American artisans. By sourcing all our materials locally, we support our communities while upholding the exceptional quality synonymous with American-made products.

Clean Burning Candles, Pure Inhaling Luxury: Our focus on health shines through our 100% American-grown and produced soy-coconut wax blend. This unique combination ensures a cleaner burn that significantly reduces harmful emissions. Our American-made, certified fragrance oils offer luxury while ensuring each breath you take is free of toxins.

Sustainable Choices, Lasting Impact: At OOMU, sustainability is ingrained in our design. From eco-friendly wax to recyclable packaging, every aspect of our products minimizes environmental impact. We pave the way for a greener future.

Responsibly Sourced, Ethically Made: From sourcing to creation, OOMU products are symbols of ethical practices. Working with local suppliers fosters communities and guarantees production aligns with environmental and human respect. Our vegan and cruelty-free philosophy further reflects our ethical standards.

Lighting the Way for a Better Tomorrow: Every OOMU product sold brings light to lives beyond your home. We donate a portion of our profits to charities focused on children, animals, and firefighters. Each product you buy embodies both sensory indulgence and meaningful, impactful support.