Our Responsible Practices

At OOMU, we believe luxury can be both exceptional and conscious. Our meticulous practices demonstrate our commitment to health, environmental responsibility, and giving back to our community.

Health-Conscious & Eco-Aware: Ingredient Integrity

We protect your well-being and the planet by rigorously screening every ingredient. We delve into its origins, supply chain, and production, ensuring alignment with safety standards and sustainable practices.

American-Sourced Excellence: Wax & Scents

Wax: Our unique soy-coconut blend comes from trusted American suppliers, prioritizing quality and supporting domestic agriculture.

Scents: Made in the USA and rigorously certified, our fragrance oils provide both luxury and peace of mind, free from harmful substances. We even adhere to California's strict Prop 65 guidelines.

Other Raw Materials: Our priority is using American-made ingredients in soaps and personal care products. For specialized materials (like Dead Sea salt) or those otherwise unavailable in America, we carefully source non-American options and clearly disclose their origins. This commitment ensures both quality and transparency in our products.

        Beyond the Product: Packaging & Purpose

        Eco-Friendly Details: Clean-burning cotton wicks and recycled glass vessels promote long-term product enjoyment with less environmental impact.

        Sustainable Shipping: Biodegradable packing materials protect your OOMU products while protecting our planet.

        Illuminating Communities: A portion of each sale supports vital causes like the ASPCA, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and firefighter nonprofits in upstate New York. Your purchase extends its impact far beyond your home.

          Practicality with Responsibility

          While we strive for glass and biodegradable options, we recognize some products require different packaging for safety and performance. In those cases, we prioritize highly recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact.

          Our Ongoing Evolution

          OOMU isn't just about candles – it's about continuous improvement. We constantly assess our practices to uphold the highest health, safety, and sustainability standards within the industry.

          Choose OOMU: Conscious Luxury That Makes a Difference